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Premium Office Solutions at RBizz Solutions Corporate Accounting & Advisory

Welcome to RBizz Solutions, where we are steadfast in our commitment to providing seamless office solutions tailored for international businesses seeking a foothold in Australia's dynamic market. We understand that every business is unique, and so are its needs. As a trusted partner in your Australian venture, our services are designed to be more than just a checklist; they're a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Registered Office Services

Step into the Australian market confidently with our comprehensive registered office services. Our offering ensures you not only meet regulatory requirements but also build a robust business foundation in Australia.

  • Official Registered Address: We provide an esteemed address for your company, ensuring seamless registrations with key regulatory bodies such as ASIC, TGA, and ATO.
  • Corporate & Statutory Register Maintenance: Our meticulous attention to detail ensures up-to-date and compliant maintenance of your corporate and statutory registers.
  • Proactive Official Correspondence Management: Navigate your official communications efficiently as we handle, sort, and prioritize them for you.
  • Document Safeguarding: With RBizz Solutions, your essential files, from contracts to corporate records, are filed, archived, and protected under the highest standards of confidentiality and safety.

Virtual Office Services

For businesses that prioritize flexibility, our virtual office solutions offer the perfect blend of presence and convenience. Stay connected, stay informed, and operate your Australian venture without geographical constraints.

  • Mail Forwarding Excellence: Stay abreast of all crucial communications, as we promptly forward mail from institutions like ASIC, ATO, banks, and other vital bodies.
  • Document Dispatch Services: Whether it's posting or couriers, we ensure your official documents reach their destinations securely and punctually.
  • Professional Communication Services: Our team acts as an extension of yours, making phone calls on your company's behalf, representing your brand with the professionalism and dedication it deserves.

Dedicated Telephone Numbers for Global Business Presence

In today's interconnected business landscape, communication is paramount. For foreign enterprises operating in Australia, a local touchpoint can significantly enhance credibility, accessibility, and customer trust. At RBizz Solutions Corporate Accounting & Advisory, we bridge this geographical gap with our dedicated telephone number services.

Local Connectivity, Global Reach:
Having an Australian phone number, even while operating from another part of the globe, ensures that you're always accessible to your local clients, partners, and stakeholders. Here's how our service empowers your business:

  • Enhanced Credibility: An Australian telephone number instantly boosts your business's legitimacy in the local market. It shows commitment, accessibility, and a sense of permanence to your clients and partners.

  • Seamless Forwarding: Our system can seamlessly forward calls made to your Australian number to any international number you designate. This ensures you never miss a crucial business call, no matter where you are.

  • Tailored Call Handling: Customize how you handle your calls with features like voicemail, call routing based on time of day, and even professional answering services that can take messages or provide information to callers.

  • Local Area Codes: We offer phone numbers across various Australian area codes, allowing you to establish a presence in specific regions or cities, further localizing your business presence.

At RBizz Solutions, our dedicated telephone number service is more than just a number; it's your direct line to success in the Australian market. By integrating this service, foreign businesses not only enhance their local market reputation but also ensure consistent, uninterrupted communication with the Australian clientele. Partner with us and ensure that distance never disrupts your business dialogue in Australia.

At RBizz Solutions Corporate Accounting & Advisory, we pride ourselves on setting industry standards. With an unwavering commitment to quality, our office solutions are not just services; they're partnerships crafted from trust, expertise, and a shared ambition for your business's success in Australia. Entrust us with your office needs and experience the RBizz difference – where global ambitions meet Australian excellence.


Why do international businesses need an Australian registered office address?
The requirement for having an Australian registered office address is stipulated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). An Australian registered office is the primary point of contact for ASIC and is the location where legal notices and correspondences are sent. It serves as a location where certain company records may be inspected by the public. For international businesses, this ensures there's a dedicated point of contact within the country and facilitates seamless communication between regulatory bodies and the company.
Can a virtual office be used as a registered office?
Yes, a virtual office can be used as a registered office, as long as it's an address where notices can be received during business hours. However, the location should be consistently accessible to collect mail and official notices. It's crucial to ensure that the virtual office provider is well-informed about its use as a registered office to handle correspondences appropriately.
What's the advantage of a virtual office for an international company?

Virtual offices offer several benefits:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces overhead costs associated with maintaining a physical office.
  2. Professional Image: Provides a prestigious Australian business address, enhancing corporate credibility.
  3. Flexibility: Offers services like call handling and mail forwarding, ensuring business continuity without a physical presence.
  4. Access to Amenities: Many virtual office providers also provide on-demand access to meeting rooms or office spaces when required.
Are there any legal requirements concerning the location of the registered office in Australia?

Under the Corporations Act 2001, the registered office must be:

  1. Situated in Australia.
  2. An address where communications and notices can be received.
  3. Open to the public for a specified number of hours each day.

However, there's no stipulation regarding its exact location within Australia, meaning it can be in any state or territory.

Can we upgrade from a virtual office to a physical space with the same provider?
In most cases, yes. Many virtual office providers also offer co-working spaces, private offices, or meeting rooms. Depending on the provider and the terms of your agreement, you can upgrade to a physical space when the need arises, providing flexibility to your business operations in Australia.
What happens if we miss an official notice sent to our registered office?

Missing an official notice can have significant repercussions. Depending on the nature of the notice:

  1. The company might face penalties or legal actions for non-compliance.
  2. There might be missed deadlines for filings or responses, leading to fines.
  3. Continued failure to acknowledge or act upon official notices can lead to deregistration or other punitive actions by ASIC.

It's crucial to ensure consistent and timely checking of correspondences sent to the registered office.

Can we change our registered office address?

Yes, you can change the registered office address. However, you need to:

  1. Notify ASIC of the change using Form 484 - Change to company details.
  2. Ensure the new address complies with the requirements set out in the Corporations Act 2001.
  3. Update the new address with other stakeholders, clients, and partners to ensure seamless communication.
What services can we expect from a virtual office provider in Australia?

Virtual office providers typically offer:

  1. A professional business address for mail receipt and forwarding.
  2. Phone answering services with a local Australian phone number.
  3. Access to meeting rooms or office spaces on-demand.
  4. Administrative support or virtual secretarial services.
  5. Fax-to-email services and other business-related amenities.
What documentation is required to set up a registered or virtual office?

To set up a registered or virtual office, you'd typically require:

  1. Proof of the company's registration in Australia or overseas (if it's a foreign company).
  2. Identification documents of the company directors and key personnel.
  3. A formal agreement or contract with the virtual office provider, outlining the terms of service.
Do we need to visit Australia to set up a registered or virtual office?
No, you don't necessarily need to visit Australia. Many virtual office providers allow online setup and provide digital services, making it convenient for international businesses. However, ensure that you can provide the necessary documentation and identification digitally and that they are accepted by the service provider.

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