RBizz Corporate Accountants
RBizz Corporate Accountants
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  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

At RBizz Solutions, We don't compromise with customers satisfaction. We do everything in that direction only. We offer various types of guarantees and assurances for heightened confidence and total peace of mind of our valuable customers.

Guaranteed Pricing

We don't believe in surprises when it comes to pricing. We always offer our pricing with utmost clarity. After offering a Fixed Price we guarantee to honor it irrespective of unforeseen complexities or delays.

Service From Qualified Professionals Only

We are an innovative accounting firm and business advisory. Only qualified professionals are allowed to offer professional services to our customers. Only administrative services may be offered by unqualified professionals.

Service Guarantee

We take complete responsibility for our work. If because of our errors or mistakes, a financial or administrative disadvantage is caused to you, we guarantee to rectify our errors or mistakes at no extra cost to you.

Maximum Tax Refund Guarantee

If because of our errors or mistakes, you don't get maximum tax refund, we take responsibility to file your amended tax return at no extra cost within 18 months of original filing of your tax return.

Tax Audit Guarantee

If a tax audit is caused because of our errors or mistakes in preparing your tax return, we take responsibility to assist you in replying to ATO with preparation explanation and supporting documents, at no extra cost. Please note we won't be your legal representative automatically. We can file amended tax return at no extra cost.