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You Manage Your Payroll Processes

Use Our Technology, Support and Advice


We Manage Your Payroll Processes

You Give Us Information & Authorize

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Winning Features of RBizz Payroll Platform

Cloud-based STP Solution

Automatically and securely report payroll information to the ATO for STP.

Employee Self Service

Empowering your people to submit leave, timesheets, expenses & much more!

Pay for Awards & EBA’s

Access modern awards to automate payroll compliances & remove complex manual interpretation.

Pay Conditions Engine

Create your own rule sets for any award/enterprise agreement to automate your processes.


Rostering staff with real time shift costs assisting you to manage staffing costs.

Time & Attendance

Eliminate paper timesheets – record employee start, finish & break times.

Automate Super

Simplify processes: Automate notifications, super payments, termination & leave calculations.

Tailored Payroll Solutions

Customized for the unique needs of your business to provide a streamlined & hassle free payroll.

Real-time Reporting

Access to our library of reports to obtain data on employees, pay runs, superannuation, PAYG and more.


Leverage the cloud by seamlessly integrating with other time/attendance & accounting platforms.

Mobile App

Easy cloud access to employees through mobile app for time Sheets, rostering, leave requests and expense claim management.

Truly Modern Platform

A perfect partnership between professional expertise & artificial intelligence for a truly state-of-the-art payroll management platform.

Customized User Access

Align user access to the authorities and responsibilities. Change the access anytime!

Automate Payruns

Get the superpower of automating your payruns, hassle-free!


Send important announcements to your employees and get an electronic acknowledgment.

RBizz Payroll Software



You Manage Your Payroll Processes

Use Our Technology, Support and Advice

$3.5 pm

Integrations with 3rd party applications
Leave management
Accelerated employee on-boarding
Employee self service
STP Reporting



You Manage Your Payroll Processes

Use Our Technology, Support and Advice

$5.5 pm

All features of Standard
Award Interpretation
Pay conditions engine
Time & attendance kiosk
Employment agreement generator
Included in above price
1. Unlimited ticketed email support to 2 authorized representatives per business account
Additional to above price
1. Set-up / installation fee per business account
2. Training per person
3. Charges for automated SMS notifications

RBizz Payroll Outsourced

Managing payroll requires high level of professional expertise and experience to comply with all the statutory rules and regulations. There is always a risk of doing something wrong that may cause financial loss or legal complications.
At RBizz, we would like to offer our outsourced payroll services to make you absolutely free from the burden of managing your payroll processes.
We offer customized payroll outsourcing solutions according to your level of requirements, risk and affordability.
The quality standard of our payroll outsourced services is very high. We take pride in offering our outsourced payroll solutions with productive results, both monetary and non-monetary.
The clear advantage of our payroll management services is our professional qualifications, expertise and experience in accounting, taxation, business advisory, technologies, processes & systems and statutory compliance. In Australia, this combination is rare.



We Manage Your Payroll Processes

You Simply Give Us Minimum Information & Authorise

$10 pay run

Accounting Journals
Bank Payment Files
Accelerated employee on-boarding
Employee self service
ATO STP Reporting



We Manage Your Payroll Processes

You Simply Give Us Minimum Information & Authorize

$15 pay run

All features of Basic
Award Interpretation
Payroll Tax Reporting
Time & attendance kiosk
Employment agreement generator
Included in above price
1. Unlimited ticketed email support to 2 authorized representatives per business account
2. Charges for automated SMS notifications
Additional to above price
1. One-time set-up fee for each employee

Features In Detail

Award Interpretation

Pay Conditions


Time & Attendance

Automated Payroll

Single Touch Payroll

Employee Portal

Mobile App

Real-time Payroll Reports


Award Interpretation 

Australian modern awards are complex. RBizz’s pre-built modern awards make it easy for payroll managers to pay staff correctly, each and every pay run.

Compliance confidence

Modern awards are set by Fair Work and provide pay rates and conditions of employment such as leave, overtime, and shift work entitlements. RBizz offers an extensive list of pre-built modern awards ready to go so you can be compliant in payroll. Our modern awards are also kept up to date, so you can rest assured your award calculations comply with Fair Work.


New award rules for annual wage arrangements

As of 1 March 2020, the Fair Work Commission rolled out changes to several Modern Awards. One of these changes requires employers to ensure that annualised wage employees are paid no less than what they would have received if paid under an affected award. 

To ensure compliance, annual reconciliation of employee wage arrangements vs. Modern Award wages would usually be a very complex and manual process. RBizz streamlines these obligations and saves hours of manual work by:


Allowing easy employee setup for automated salary payments
Automating reconciliation of employee wage shortfalls through the rules tester
Allowing users to easily process any shortfalls in the pay run

Pay your Australian employees correctly, each and every time

How does the award interpreter help you?

Multiple awards can be installed and used including building customised EAs


You can select a pre-built award from our library or use our pay conditions engine to build your own Enterprise Agreement, ensuring your payroll is processed to your unique payroll scenario.

Pay above the award

Pay above the award?

We have you covered. All our pay categories are linked, so if you change employees’ base rates, all other penalties under the award are automatically updated.

Built-in rule tester

Built-in rule tester

Interpret employees’ timesheets and calculate their costs at any time. You can also view what pay conditions will apply. Why wait until after you finalise the pay run and view the reports to find out the final cost? Save your time and money with RBizz.

Automated updates

Automated updates

Ensure your employees are paid at the correct rate according to Fair Work, and never worry about a payroll audit again. RBizz manages all Fair Work Commission updates for you, giving you peace of mind.

Automated birthday / anniversary adjustments

Automated birthday / anniversary adjustments

You’ll never have to remember or keep track of employee birthdays. RBizz automatically updates birthday and anniversary pay rates for junior, apprentice, and trainee employees so you don’t have to think about it.

tailored to you

Tailored to you

Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly, RBizz’s shift period options auto-calculate overtime. This removes the mess of calculating hours worked, and lets payroll administrators re-focus their attention to more important tasks.

built in rules

Built-in rules

Remove manual calculations of higher duty payments and allowances using our built in rules associated with awards and Employment Agreements. Calculate overtime across a defined period, automatically accrue time in lieu, and so much more.

Rule conditions

Rule conditions

Do you pay different wage rates, penalties, allowances, or overtime based on location, cost centres, day of the week, or public holidays? Perhaps you have shift workers? Automatically calculate based on specific working requirements and spend less time on manual processes.

Set pay conditions

Pay conditions

If your staff accrue Rostered Days Off, or Time Off in Lieu of overtime, automate these accruals with rule sets using our pay conditions engine. Maintain correct balances automatically and let RBizz do the heavy lifting for you, giving you the peace of mind you should have for every pay run.

Automate super threshold

Automated custom super threshold

Tailor minimum monthly superannuation threshold amounts according to award requirements. Super automatically accrues on Ordinary Time Earnings pay categories.

Pay Conditions

Find the joy in using a platform tailored to you.

Customise your payroll experience with RBizz’s pay conditions engine! RBizz’s built-in awards can be edited to specific payroll scenarios such as paying above the award, setting allowances for employees, and setting overtime arrangements to make payroll a fuss free experience.

Build the rules of your Enterprise Agreement into RBizz to automate your unique pay conditions, saving you from hours of manual calculations across multiple systems.

Calculate complex pay calculations with KeyPay’s pay conditions engine
How to use pay conditions

Work Types

Our work type classifications are here to take the manual calculations off your shoulders! Each employee’s specific working conditions for a shift are matched to the exact pay conditions under the specified award or Enterprise Agreement built into our platform. All you need to do is make the right selection and from there, everything is automated and feeds straight into timesheet calculations and the pay run.

New award rules for annual wage arrangements

Concerned about complying with Fair Work’s Modern Award annualised salary changes? With RBizz’s rules tester, payroll administrators can automatically reconcile annualised wage arrangements with affected Modern Award wages, saving hours of frustration and manual interpretation. Ensure employees are always paid what they’re due, in compliance with Fair Work.

New award rules for annual wage arrangements
Work types

Rule Sets

RBizz’s built-in rule tester ensures pay condition rules are set up correctly before going live, in order to produce accurate pay runs. Test the automation of allowance inclusions, automation of meal breaks, and location specific conditions so that no manual calculations will be required come the day of the pay run.

Pay Rate Templates

Manage pay rate changes easily with our pay rate templates. These templates allow you to create pre-defined sets of pay rates under your award or Enterprise Agreement selected, which can then be applied to new and existing employees.

pay rate template
Leave template

Leave Allowance Templates

With RBizz’s leave allowance templates, you can bulk update leave values for all employees if the leave accrual rates change instead of having to update them individually for each new employee. This saves precious time and energy in the onboarding process.


What if there are specific employees in the business that you wish to assign unique conditions to? By applying tags to individual employees or groups, you can assign customised pay conditions without worrying about it affecting other employees.


Shave hours off your rostering process!

You no longer have to slave over excel-based rosters when using RBizz’s rostering feature! With easy to build roster templates, rostering can be completed in a heartbeat and unexpected changes managed stress-free.

Completing a roster in KeyPay
Creating a roster with KeyPay

Rostering made easy

Our intuitive roster generator makes building rosters become second nature. Create shifts based on your business’ standard working day, drag and copy shifts, and replicate rosters in a few clicks. Employee unavailability is displayed clearly to eliminate rostering errors from the start. What's more, with our automated award interpretation and costed rosters, you'll always have full visibility and control of your projected wage costs.

Increased accessibility

Once a roster is created, employees can be notified of their scheduled shifts in three ways: text, email, or push notifications to the employee mobile app - WorkZone. You can even give employees the option to accept, swap, decline, or bid for open shifts in the app. Rosters have never been more accessible for all!

Notify employees of published rosters through WorkZone

Rostering budgets

Plan your workforce with the sustainability of the business in mind using our automated shift costing and budget manager features. Costed rosters provide real time visibility of wages costs, automatically costing shifts based on the employee setup against the award or specific pay condition rule sets. Set budgets against the roster to easily track costs as you populate employee shifts, allowing you to manage your wages upfront.

Let templates pave the way

With our roster templates you can plan your resourcing requirements for certain projects in advance without affecting the standard roster, or even build the basis of the roster specific to the roles required and then assign staff at a later stage. What’s more, you can apply any template to the roster on multiple occasions and from any specific date.

Roster templates

Onwards and upwards

In RBizz, managers can compare rostered shifts to actual time worked and easily identify inconsistencies at the timesheet approval stage. Progress to the next step of the payroll process without backtracking!

Progress quicker with KeyPay’s rostering feature

Shift swapping

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can prevent an employee from working a shift that was previously assigned, and you have to look for a replacement. Here at RBizz, we’re all about working smarter, which is why we have shift swapping available to alleviate your workload. Allow employees to swap shifts with other eligible employees only, giving you certainty yo

ur wages costs and roster budget are maintained.

An employee who is sick can easily swap a shift with KeyPay’s WorkZone app
Shift bidding

Shift bidding

Have new shifts that are unassigned? Let shift bidding fill it for you! Employees can be sent a notification to WorkZone on an available shift and are given the option of accepting or declining a bidding shift. You can even set up unique groups of employees that will receive these unassigned shifts first before opening it up to everyone else.

Snapshot of roster features

Build rosters in a heartbeat

With a few clicks of a button, you can enter shifts, set breaks, and replicate shifts across each employee.

Build rosters with our roster calculator and budget manager

Our rosters also display the total cost of employees rostered against your set budget to give you an overview of the allocation of your finances.


Time & Attendance

Simplify your time tracking process with RBizz’s time and attendance app - Clock Me In, automated timesheets, and employee self service.

Gone are the days of chasing after employee timesheets! RBizz's time and attendance app - Clock Me In, eliminates the need for employees to submit timesheets. With photo and geo-location tracking with every clocking event, you can be confident the timesheet data is accurate.

Employee clocking in on time tracking software ClockMeIn
KeyPay’s time and attendance feature is catered for different scenarios

Catered for different time and attendance scenarios

Have all employees under one roof? Employees can easily clock in/out onsite on RBizz’s iPad app - Clock Me In. Have employees on the go? Employees can enter their timesheets on RBizz’s mobile app - WorkZone, or through the Employee Portal for manager approval. Use your own timesheets? Import timesheets from third party providers directly or in CSV file formats.

Automate timesheets

Let our automation do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on the bigger picture. With Clock Me In and WorkZone, once an employee clocks out, the clocking activity is recorded and a timesheet is automatically created for that shift, ready for managers to approve or amend straight from the WorkZone mobile app. 


Never miss a beat!

Live view reporting gives you real time visibility of the clocking activities of your employees across the business, making it easy to keep track of missed clocking activities and the opportunity to rectify them instantaneously, from anywhere, at any time. This visibility also gives you a more strategic view of the business, enabling you to deal with situations such as lateness or lack of adherence to break times to improve the business’s productivity.

Accuracy guaranteed

Ever thought twice about the accuracy of timesheet data recorded manually? You won’t have to with us! RBizz’s Clock Me In takes a photo of the user and tracks the geo-location of every clocked event to provide assurance of accurate data captured.

KeyPay’s time tracking software captures employee’s photo for accuracy of data
KeyPay’s Timesheet vs Roster Report helps you stay on employee timesheets

Timesheet vs Roster Report

Evaluate the allocation of wage costs to manage employees effectively with our Roster vs Timesheet Comparison Report! This report compares timesheets submitted to rostered shifts. A few examples included in this report include the costing of shift rostered and timesheet submitted, cost variance between timesheet and rostered costs, and time variance between timesheet and rostered duration.

Snapshot of Time & Attendance features

Assurance of data captured

RBizz’s Clock Me In takes a photo of the user and tracks the geo-location of every clock event.

Manager’s approval

Managers have access to review timesheets before processing them in a pay run. 

Real time visibility

Have a birds eye view of all staff statuses across every business location.


Automated Payroll

Your journey to smarter payroll starts now!

KeyPay payroll automation software

Tired of repetitive payroll tasks? RBizz’s pay run automation lets you run those in the background, freeing you from day-to-day manual admin while still allowing complete control of the pay run. Stop worrying about finding time for payroll tasks; free up the time to focus on more strategic work.

Why automate payroll?

Save time with payroll automation

Payroll tasks such as payroll calculations, importing timesheets, publishing pay slips, and sending reports can take up your entire day. With a quick one-off configuration these tasks will run automatically, saving up to 90% of your time on payroll admin, and allowing more hours in the day to take your business to the next level.

Automate tasks and process

Quality assurance built in

What if someone’s leave has not been approved? What if bank account details are missing, or an employee’s birthday falls within the pay run? How will automation work then? 

Developed from analysing over 158k businesses within our system, we’ve factored in all the ‘what ifs’ for you. Our automation technology utilises built-in warnings which users can pre-select to pause the payroll automation process if something requires action prior to finalising the pay run. So don’t worry - employee pays will always be accurate and fully compliant.

Pick and choose your automation

Prefer to automate some tasks and process the rest manually? Not a problem! With RBizz you can pick and choose which payroll task to automate. The flexibility of our system caters to all business needs with you in the driver's seat.

Automate tasks and process

Areas of the pay run that can be automated include:

Calculating payroll

Payroll and super calculations

Leave the math to us! RBizz sends employees' timesheet data through the rule sets of your award or Agreement, automating the calculation of all pay rates, tax, and super. Set and forget with RBizz and ensure consistent, compliant pay runs, every time.

Automatic payroll system

Automated award interpretation

Why spend your days trudging through Fair Work awards? RBizz has an extensive list of modern awards built in the platform that are ready to go, meaning award calculations are automatically compliant. Each financial year, RBizz automatically updates the available awards, meaning you never have to dive into award policies again. Phew!

Automated timesheets

Automated timesheets

Ever struggled with tracking down late timesheets? With RBizz’s timesheet system, employees can also use our employee self service mobile app - WorkZone, to clock in and out. No more chasing employees, just approve the timesheets via WorkZone or in RBizz. What’s more, RBizz automatically interprets the timesheet data and feeds it into the pay run.

Picture of a payslip

Pay slip distribution

After a pay run, employees can be notified of pay slips via email, SMS, or through WorkZone, completely removing any need for paper and manual data handling. Employees have access to their pay slips immediately - no emailing necessary.

Leave requests and calculations

Leave requests and calculations

Have part-timers, casual shift workers and full timers all in the pay run? With RBizz you can cater to different leave entitlement scenarios down to a per-hour worked or per-pay run basis with ease. Our new personal/carer's leave category is also compliant to the Fair Work Commission's decision on the accrual of this leave. Accrual entitlements need only be set up once; our automation will take the load off and do the rest for you.

Picture of automated reporting


Just one more stop in our journey to making your life easier. At the end of a pay run you can automate reports and journals to be compiled and sent out to chosen staff or clients, or uploaded to your accounting software. Once configured, the system handles everything
(Excel spreadsheets? Goodbye!).

Picture of termination calculations

Termination calculations

Stressed about accuracy when calculating payout entitlements? Whether it be a resignation or a genuine redundancy, RBizz simplifies it for you by automatically processing all leave types to be paid out, determine taxable and tax free amounts, and calculate the PAYG according to the ATO’s specifications. Free up mental space to focus on other aspects in the offboarding process for an employee.


How RBizz’s payroll automation works

1. Auto Pay Schedule

Select the payroll automation frequency that works for you.

2. Warning & Notifications

Run payroll on your terms. Select what you want to get notified about to stop the automation, and who needs to be informed to complete an action before the pay run is finalised.

3. Pay Run Finalisation

Choose whether to immediately or manually finalise the pay run, and how to publish pay slips, notify employees, or generate reports.

4. Summary

Check your configuration, hit complete, and you’ve set up your Automated Pay Run!
Summary of automated payroll configuration


Single Touch Payroll 

Single Touch Payroll reporting in just a few clicks! RBizz is STP compliant for businesses of all sizes.

The ATO’s Single Touch Payroll (STP) is designed to help you with your business’s overall reporting, not add to it. So don’t let STP slow you down from accomplishing all of your payroll tasks. Endorsed by the ATO as a compliant STP reporting software option, over 50k businesses have completed reporting through STP with RBizz in just a click of a few buttons, proving that with us as a STP provider, there is nothing to worry about.

KeyPay - Single Touch Payroll Provider

Easily access COVID-19 JobKeeper payments via Single Touch Payroll

If your business qualifies for the JobKeeper program, you must be using Single Touch Payroll compliant software to access payments for eligible employees. RBizz allows employers to get JobKeeper ready, and easily manage these payments.

Employee eligibility report
Our JobKeeper eligibility report provides employers with the information to make informed decisions on which of their employees fit the Government eligibility criteria.
Employee nomination notices
Once you’ve identified eligible employees, RBizz enables you to bulk publish employee nomination notices to easily obtain and record employee consent before commencing payments.
Streamline JobKeeper payment management
Perform the three available JobKeeper options in RBizz via an easy-to-use context panel: JobKeeper top-up, JobKeeper start, and JobKeeper finish.

Keeping STP simple

RBizz only requires 3 steps to set up STP for life to become a breeze each pay run:

1. Confirm your business details

2. Select who will be lodging submissions to the ATO on behalf of the business

3. Enable ATO integration to complete the setup process

Contact the ATO to register RBizz as your payroll software provider to complete the STP process.
ATO Single Touch Payroll set up in KeyPay software - business details
Tax/BAS Agents reporting on behalf of clients

Tax & BAS agents Standing Authority

Tax/BAS Agents reporting on behalf of clients can request client authorisation to action and approve pay events directly within the platform. No external emailing back and forth is required and all client actions are recorded within the STP event. Additionally, if agents have a Standing Authority with their clients they can apply this authority against an event, thereby removing the need to request client authority for each pay event moving forward.

STP compliance

Our STP feature is housed in the same software as your payroll data, meaning that there is no manual handling required to import and export your payroll data onto a third party platform to complete the report. With RBizz as your single source of data from pay runs to STP, never worry about reporting errors or corruption of data again!

No manual data handling is required with KeyPay’s Single Touch Payroll enabled software
KeyPay ensures your Single Touch Payroll is still successful if errors are encountered

Reduce the chance of STP errors

RBizz’s pre-lodgement validation ensures you are significantly more likely to successfully lodge an event. Any issues found within the event relating to payroll data or employee/business details that will otherwise guarantee the lodgement to fail will be displayed and is required to be corrected prior to lodging.

What’s more, if a pay run mistake is accidentally made, you can create an ad hoc pay run to make the necessary adjustments and lodge a pay event. Alternatively, you can update payroll data via lodging an updated event as well.

Tools for you to succeed

Help is never far away with RBizz! We fully equip you with the tools for you to succeed each pay run. Whether you’re setting up STP, transitioning from another STP provider, or embarking on End of Financial Year processes, our informative guides and helpful videos will get you up to speed in no time.

Document hosting


Employee Portal

Empowering your employees. Simplifying your processes.

Revolutionise how you manage employees

Say goodbye to tedious, repetitive requests and improve employee productivity business-wide. RBizz's employee portal empowers staff to navigate requests and find information for themselves so you don’t have to. All employee data is in one secure space, allowing managers to monitor and approve requests from one system which integrates straight into payroll.


Automate the flow of data from employee to pay run

KeyPay’s time and attendance feature is catered for different scenarios

Employee data management

RBizz's employee portal allows staff to change or view their personal details themselves. Employees can update bank details, address, super funds, and view pay slips without having to contact their payroll manager. They can even view and approve work related documents straight from the portal - no paper forms or email required.

Leave management

Unshackle yourself from long email chains and paperwork. Staff can easily update their unavailability and request leave from the employee portal - which automatically notifies their manager for approval. Employees can even view their colleagues’ leave dates in a handy leave calendar.

employee expenses


Managing expenses in a separate system from payroll? Bring it all into one system with RBizz. With the employee portal, staff can log their expenses digitally, select an expense category, and upload receipts all in one place.


Employees can manually log and edit timesheets in the employee portal, automatically notifying managers for approval. Managers can view, edit or reject timesheets without having to leave the system. Don’t worry about calculating the timesheet data, it’s all automatically fed straight into the pay run. Timesheet management has never been easier.

rostering employee portal


Communicating staff rosters is easy with the employee portal. Share up to date rosters with staff on the employee portal, who have a real time view in case any changes need to be made. Reduce time spent re-organising rosters and replacing shifts with employee shift bidding and shift swapping.


On average we spend over a third of our day on our mobiles, so why wouldn’t we use it for our work? With WorkZone, employees can access the employee portal features through their smartphone, catering to those who are constantly on the run or don’t have access to a desktop computer. At no extra cost to the RBizz subscription, employees can update and manage their information with a few taps of a finger.

workzone app


Revolutionise employee management with our employee self service mobile app

Manage and empower employees from your phone

It’s not uncommon for payroll administrators to receive countless daily requests from employees asking for leave updates, lodging expense requests, or looking for copies of pay slips. WorkZone gives employees the tools to manage their own data - straight from their phone.

Connecting busy managers and employees on the go, the app can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a smartphone. No need for a laptop to login. Shifting the ownership to the employee, staff admin requests can be completely eliminated.

An extension of the Employee Self Service portal, WorkZone is the DIY for employees. This feature is included in RBizz’s standard and plus plans, and free to download on iOS and Android from the app store.

play button
Play Video
KeyPay WorkZone tool

Manage employees with a few taps of a finger

Employee Details KeyPay

Employee details

Employees can view their personal, emergency contact, banking, and super fund details via the WorkZone app. No need to call to check, email, or even log into a computer.

Leave Management KeyPay

Leave management

Employees can submit leave requests, automatically notifying managers to view, edit, decline, approve, or cancel the submission. The whole process is managed via the app - goodbye paper forms and emailing back and forth!

Unavailability KeyPay


Reduce rostering inefficiencies when assigning shifts by allowing employees to set unavailabilities from their phone, automatically notifying managers. Managers can also edit/delete unavailability on behalf of staff, automatically notifying them of the change.

Expense Management KeyPay

Expense management

Employees can take photos of receipts and lodge expenses immediately from WorkZone for managers to view, edit, approve or reject. Cutting out the need for extra systems and data dumping.

Timesheet KeyPay


Staff can create and/or amend a timesheet directly in WorkZone, which is automatically sent to the approval manager, to view, edit, reject, approve, or delete within the app. What's more, the timesheet data is calculated and fed into the pay run automatically.

Clock in KeyPay

Clock in and out

Have staff in multiple locations or working remotely? They can also clock in and out from their phone via WorkZone!

PaySlips KeyPay

Pay slips and documents

Notify employees of pay slips via push notification or email and allow them to view them straight from the app. WorkZone allows employees to view and even acknowledge work related documents from their phone, eliminating paper processes.

Shifts KeyPay


Employees can view, accept, or decline shifts wherever they are. They can also swap or bid for shifts straight from the app. Managers also have visibility of the roster from WorkZone, enabling them to see unassigned and bidding shifts, employee unavailability, and approved leave.

download icon

Existing Customer?

Download the app




Creating reports has never been easier!

Take your stress and worry away with RBizz’s reports feature! With an extensive suite of reports, reporting is completed easily with just a few simple clicks.

Payroll Reporting is effortless with KeyPay
Reporting effortlessly from four main categories: Payroll, Employee, Time & Attendance and ATO

Reporting effortlessly

Create payroll reports from four main categories: Payroll, Employee, Time & Attendance and ATO reporting. Using report filters such as date range, employing entity, pay schedule, and location, to name a few, you can easily retrieve the specific financial data you require, with minimum effort.

Report pack automation

Busy downloading a report, saving it, attaching it, and then writing an email to each relevant department every pay run? With RBizz’s report packs feature, all you’ll need to do is configure a report pack once and RBizz will automatically send your chosen reports over to selected recipients on a recurring basis based on the schedule you have set. With no ongoing work required, you can truly sit back and relax!

Reports that are automatically sent to selected recipients on a recurring basis
KeyPay’s all in one payroll reporting

All in one payroll reporting

RBizz offers direct connections to journal services, allowing data to flow from RBizz into other systems that you use to run your business such as Xero, Saasu, NetSuite, or QuickBooks Online. This seamless flow of data eliminates the need for you to shuffle back and forth across multiple systems manually - so say goodbye to manual errors!

Reports transforming the way you work

Live View Report

Displaying real time clocking activities generated via Clock Me In and our Employee Self Service App - WorkZone, this report follows the live data of all clocking activities of employees. Available for managers to access anywhere and at any time, Live View provides a snapshot of all employee movements whilst you’re on the go, and is a handy tool for managers to manage timesheet inconsistencies on the spot should they happen.

Real time data of all clocking activities of employees
Calculating and displaying all pay run details

Pay Run Audit Report

After a report that lists all pay run details at a glance? The Pay Run Audit Report includes earnings, super payments, bank payments, leave, and deductions, giving you insight into the return on investment for each employee in a pay period.

Employee Details Audit Report

The Employee Details Audit Report provides an audit log of changes made to employee profiles so you can stay on top of when things have been changed in the system and by whom. It’s just like your very own business diary.

manage leave keypay

How RBizz’s report packs work

1. Configure report pack

Title your report, select a period, and set up a schedule.

2. Select reports and add recipients

Select reports to include in the pack from the list available and enter the email address of selected recipients.

3. Create email body

Enter in a custom message for recipients.

4. Save report pack

Hit save and you’re all packed and ready to go!
Configure report pack


Integrations helping you connect with the cloud

What makes RBizz exceptional is its flexibility. Whether managers are looking for a pure payroll platform or a more complete business software solution, RBizz offers the flexibility to integrate into numerous industry-leading platforms to meet your needs.

QuickBooks Online

We’ve teamed up with Intuit QuickBooks Online to deliver a completely integrated payroll solution. Not only does this unique integration allows you to seamlessly use RBizz directly within QuickBooks Online, but your QuickBooks Payroll Standard subscription also comes loaded with access to 10 included employees.


Saasu is a fast, easy, and clean accounting package that allows you to manage your business in the cloud. RBizz’s deep integration with Saasu allows you to import your chart of accounts and export payroll journal entries directly into your Saasu journal with the click of a button.


Deputy simplifies your work world through cloud-based timesheets and rostering. RBizz's integration with Deputy allows you to synchronise your employee details and import timesheet information to give you seamless payroll integration.


Xero provides beautiful accounting software that lets you manage your business in the cloud. RBizz provides deep integration into Xero that lets you import your chart of accounts and post-draft or published payroll journal entries directly into Xero after you have finalised your pay run.


Kounta’s Point of Sale (POS) software is used by thousands of stores all over the globe. RBizz’s timesheet integration with Kounta ensures the import of timesheets into the pay run is seamless and provides users access to all of RBizz’s amazing features.


RBizz’s integration with NetSuite builds on our advanced journal service offering and provides effortless integration between payroll and accounts.


Invoxy is placement management software for recruitment agencies. Understand the profit for every hour worked by your contractors with timesheets, approvals, invoices, and commission calculations. RBizz's integration with Invoxy allows you to automatically synchronise employee details and quickly create pays from approved timesheets.


WageLoch is a rostering, time and attendance product that seamlessly integrates with RBizz. WageLoch eliminates the need for paper timesheets. Using fingerprint scanning technology, a digital timesheet is automatically created for each employee, based on your specific award. Once you approve the hours that have been logged, the WageLoch system sends these timesheets to RBizz for seamless integration and processing.


Roubler’s all-in-one HRIS & payroll software provides automated workforce management through the employee lifecycle. Roubler’s all-in-one cloud-based HR software is the only platform servicing the full employment lifecycle from onboarding, rostering, time & attendance and fully integrated payroll system.


NoahFace is a time and attendance solution using facial recognition technology. It reduces the clock in/out process to seconds, avoids queues and employee frustration during peak periods, and eliminates “buddy-clocking” and fraud. NoahFace provides deep integration with RBizz that leverages your employee list and roster, and works seamlessly with RBizz’s live view and timesheet processes.


Tanda is an award-winning workforce management platform that streamlines rostering, time & attendance and employee onboarding. Tanda’s integration with RBizz allows you to synchronise your employee details and import timesheet information into payroll.

Employment Hero

Employment Hero is an HR and payroll management software for small to medium businesses. We empower SMEs by providing automated solutions for employee management and engagement, payroll and employee benefits. Our platform reduces admin time by up to 80% and is used by over 3,000 businesses, collectively managing over 100,000 employees.


RBizz has partnered with Beam to make processing payroll and superannuation simple. Beam is the new product that’s designed to save you time by managing super payments within RBizz.

Happy HR

Onboard your new employees with Happy HR and their full profile will automatically be created in RBizz. Managing leave applications is a breeze with our payroll approval process and easy to read leave calendar.

TimeSite Pro

TimeSite Pro is a fully configurable, cloud-based, time & expense tracking, and invoicing solution designed to be simple to set up and use, but comprehensive in functionality.


Be Sure, With vSure! vSure automates Right To Work checks and updates RBizz with interpreted Work Rights by employee (using Qualifications that will alert you to work rights expiries and issues within your pay runs).

HR Partner

HR Partner is an online HR platform specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses - so it’s very affordable. It includes employee records management, recruitment, onboarding, leave / vacation requests, asset management, expense claims, employee portal, reminders, and a lot more. You may not have a big HR department, but with HR Partner, you won’t need one!